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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sarah's Journal: Nov. 24, 1910

We are leaving tomorrow!  I'm so excited I just know I won't sleep a wink tonight.  The fellows from the shipping company collected my trunk just this morning, and poor Aunt had to hold me back so I wouldn't jump into their truck with it.


Professor Ross picked Aunt and me up and took us to stay in New York City for the night so we could just take a taxi to the docks in the morning.  Aunt came to see us off.  She also wanted to say her good buys to Mrs. Billings for she has no idea when she will see her again.

I'm actually writing this journal entry from the balcony of my room at the hotel.  It's very late and, as I predicted, I can not sleep!  It's quite cold out here too but I'm comfortable in my warmest cloak.

Oops, I've been found out!  Professor Ross just appeared on the balcony next to mine and told me in no uncertain terms to go to bed!!  He also vowed I'd catch my death if I remained on the balcony in this weather.  Silly, he knows I never get sick.  I haven't missed a day of school in the last three years.  Oh, dear now he's scowling at me and I'd better hop to it.  But not without informing him that he'd best go to bed and not stay out in the weather and catch his death.

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