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This blog isn't meant to teach you anything, but I hope you'll have some fun reading it; I think I'll have fun writing it. I'll be posting bits of writing, like short stories and articles. Maybe some help for aspiring writers, a few tips and such. Also there will be journal entries and clips of conversation from the various characters in my books. So if you like the characters in my book, Cherished Preserver, stop by to get the inside scoop on their lives. Above all, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getting To Know You

Having trouble getting to know one of your characters.  Don't worry, it happens sometimes.  Here are some tips that should work to bring your stubborn character to life.

Conduct an interview with the character.  Actually write down questions that you will ask the fellow and physically write down the answers.

  -What is your favorite color?
  -How do you like your eggs?  Your coffee?
  -Did you like your first grade teacher?
  -If you could choose any place in the world to live, where would it be?
  -Do you like "Joe Hero" from the story you are in?  Why?  Why not?
  -Would you get along with him if he wasn't your arch enemy?
  -etc.  We could all come up with a million questions.

Another way to get in touch with your character is to go on a shopping trip and buy an article of clothing that she would wear.  Or a piece of costume jewelry that your heroine would love, and make it something special to her.  Come up with a reason it is so special.  Did her best friend give her that bracelet before she moved away when she was ten?  Was the little silver-plated ring a gift from the first boy who was brave enough to kiss her on the cheek?

Or, pick out some music that your character would enjoy.  Maybe he plays the flute.  If so, listen to some flute music and pretend that it is your character playing the songs.  Maybe try it yourself.

These ideas should get you started.  Let me know if you have any other ideas to share that help you to get to know a new or troublesome character.

Happy writing!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Switching Gears Saves Loads of Aggravation

Can't seem to keep up the story idea you've been working so diligently on for the past several weeks?

Has your well planned goal for writing three chapters a week gone awry for lack of ideas?

Don't fret, It happens to all of us at some point.  But, In reality, does your work come out really exceptional when it is forced, or when it flows quickly and easily from a mind ready to work on that particular story.

Ask any writer and they will tell you that they have several story ideas swimming about in their head at any given time, and very often write scenes for any story that happens to be vying for attention in their creativity at the moment whether they have a goal to meet on another project or not.

Don't get me wrong.  I think setting goals is a perfectly good idea for any writer.  It keeps us working and on track.  But if you find that one project has just petered out for the moment, (whether you have run into a snag, or just need to research more) start working on another.  Preferably one that happens to be "speaking to you" at the time.

Don't think I'm crazy.  You know what I'm talking about.  That story.  Those characters.  The ones who won't be quiet and let you sleep at night until you've written pages of fantastic dialogue that just won't stop.  With flow like that, your writing can't help but be great.

So don't be afraid to set aside what you think you should work on for a project that your heart says you need to work on.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

How NOT To Gain Weight While Writing!

Ever brought a little, or not so little, snack to the computer and then, after writing a particularly exciting piece of narrative, you look down to take a bite and it's gone?  It happens to me all the time.  This is not a mysterious, unnatural occurance, nor have your vivacious characters popped out of the scene and eaten your goodies.  You have simply devoured them without realizing it.

Weight experts alway say to sit while you eat so as not to grab too many snacks on the run, but I would also offer the advice of not eating at all while sitting at the computer writing.  We simply don't realize how much we take in while in the middle of crafting a story.

After several episodes of wondering where my food disappeared while I was deeply imbedded typing, I try to pay more attention to what I'm putting into my mouth, so now I usually just keep a nice glass of ice water beside me to sip while I ruminate.  Or better still, a hot cup of coffee or tea does the job quite nicely.  However, if you are one of those who likes to chew while thinking, try gum or hard candy.

You can also burn a few calories by hopping out of your chair and pacing for a while as you think about what you'll write next.

Oh, one more thing.  Never, EVER buy the king-size candy bars.