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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My New Book

If you're looking for a good old-fasioned adventure with a little romance to boot, then you will like my new novel, Cherished Preserver.

While the story begins in Sarah Scott's home town in New York, most of it is centered around her exciting experiences while she works as a geological assistant on an archaeological teaching expedition in Egypt's famous Valley of the Kings, circa 1910.

Now, you may ask how a young woman acquire such a position in the Edwardian period?  Luck, I suppose and an incredible, natural ability and quick mind.  You see, Sarah Scott is no uppity female pushing for a man's position, she simply wants to have a chance to do what she loves and is really good at.  This passion is realized by her mentor, friend and geology professor, Joseph T. Ross.  (Enter the handsome hero)  Ross offers Sarah the chance of a lifetime.  To be his assistant on a dig in Egypt where they will teach archaeological students about the geological aspects of archaeology and act a advisors to the dig.  Of course love will blossom between them.  It is a romance after all.

I chose this time period because it was an interesting time in the USA with many changes occuring, but it wasn't as crazy as the 20's.  Also, the clothes were better (this matters to we women, doesn't it?).  And the time between the mid to late 1800's and up to and including Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut's tomb was really the golden period of Egyptology.  I've always been drawn to the exciting aspect of those old expeditions in the deserts of Egypt. Beautiful vistas, mosquito netting, canvas tents, dust, water-shortage, the ever-present cliché of the deadly Egyptian cobra poised to strike, (honestly I couldn't help it.  How could I write an Egyptian adventure novel without a cobra?) evil tattooed villains attacking at every turn.  Well, at least this is what Sarah experiences.  Only, she brought the villains with her from New York and they are led by an enemy from Sarah's past, or rather her parents' past. A gold-hungry narcissist out to get Sarah for reasons of his own.

It really is a fun book that I enjoyed writing.  If it sounds like something you would enjoy reading, visit my e-store at  www.createspace.com/3467694  to order a copy of your own.

You can also get it on Amazon where you will pay the same price, only my royalty check will be much smaller because Amazon will take most of it.  So if you want to help out a self-published author, buy it from my e-store.

If you would like to preview it, you can go to www.createspace.com/Preview/3467694
Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Wonderful book, 5 stars and all that, wot?

  2. Sarah is amazing. We should get together sometime and have coffee.

  3. We just got it in the Mail and I can't wait to get started reading it!!! :)

  4. I finished your book last night and I have to say that it was an Amazing book, Although this is your first published work it cannot have been your first try at writing because it beautifully flowed from beginning to end, and your writing style is that of a very accomplished writer.
    I wholeheartedly LOVED this book and would recommend it to anyone, it had a Wonderfully rich storyline, Passionate but Sweet Romance and many Exquisite Adventures!!!
    There was Never a dull moment and I must say that this book is in my top 10 favorites, I stand corrected because I have a new favorite! ;)
    I enjoyed this book so much that I just have to ask if you are planning to write another, and if so when will it be available for sale, I will be patiently waiting for your next book. It will be Well worth the wait!!!