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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Great New Book

Hello again!  Today I wanted to share a great new book on the market.  It's called Freedom Come All Ye: A Tale of William Wallace by the up and coming author, Hazel West. Hazel and I are in the same writer's support group so I've known her for a long time.  She really loves Scottish history and writing historical novels.  This one would be a good story for the middle-schooler up to adult.  It is set in a time of turmoil in Scotland when it was ruled by the tyrant, Edward Longshanks, king of England.

Now, while you may have heard of the freedom fighter, William Wallace, or have read books about his heroism, or even seen a movie or two, you have probably never read much about him as a teenager, or learned about what drove him to be the national hero he was.

This book is unique in that fact.  You get to meet Will as a young man with a heart full of love for his family, friends, and his country: Scotland.  We get to see him learn what it takes to be a leader, and what it costs.  It is a book you'll never forget.

Here is a preview link so you can take a look for yourself. www.createspace.com/Preview/3605405
Or, your own copy is now available at: www.createspace.com/3605405

Happy Reading!!  

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  1. Aw, thanks! That's nice to know I'm getting reviews already :):) So, now let's all boo and hiss whenever anyone mentions Longshanks!