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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Great New Story!

Hi everyone, I was just recently lucky enough to be chosen as a beta group reader for Hazel West's new novel, On a Foreign Field.  In my humble opinion, Hazel West, an up and comming historical fiction author, has written another great story.

Here is the review that I posted on Good Reads and Amazon.

I recently finished reading On a Foreign Field by Hazel West.

The story opens with the main character, Reeve, an English knight, and his companions readying themselves for the infamous Battle at Sterling Bridge.  During the ensuing fight, Reeve is injured by, not only the Scottish warriors, but also by his own country's archers.  When the English army retreats, Reeve's own best friend leaves him behind to be captured by the Scottish army of the epic hero William Wallace.

As Reeve does the work of a slave in the Scottish camp, he comes to appreciate the true camaraderie and complete devotion of Wallace's men, and finds himself wondering if he is fighting for the right side.

On a Foreign Field is an exciting, coming-of-age story of fighting for freedom and family, and the comradeship of brotherly love.  And, yup, I cried just a little bit.  Okay, I cried a bunch, but it was quite touching in the end.

Hazel's book in now for sale!  You can find it on Amazon or go to Create Space at   https://www.createspace.com/3882345  and you'll find the book on sale for a limited time for only $12.00.

Or, if you would like to try your hand at winning a copy at Hazel's free giveaway.  Just visit Hazel's blog, Character Purgatory at http://hazelwest.blogspot.com/
where you can also go on her virtual book tour.  It just started yesterday.  Good, fun stuff!  So enjoy the tour and read this new great story by Hazel West!

Happy writing!

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