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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Formatting. . . Yeesh!

So, you've just completed your first novel, lovingly crafted and raised as carefully as you would your very own child.  You know all about the standard formatting that agents or publishers like, but you decide to self-publish first.

Well, get that pot of coffee brewing because you're in for a project.  Not an impossible project, but a time-consuming one.  Once that is finished. . . the book cover.

You might want an artist for this one.  Check your local high-school or college.  There might be a budding artist there who would love to help you out and have their work published on the cover of your book.

The thrill of receiving that first proof copy of your work is indescribable!

Now, even if you are a dyed in the wool "page flipper"(a term coined by my writing buddy, Hazel West) and would never, even under torture, dream of acquiring an e-reader of any ilk for yourself, you don't want to keep those avid e-reader users from your book.  So, you think downloading your perfectly formatted book to Kindle etc. will be a snap?

Not so!

Reformatting time!

More coffee!

More work!

Lot's more fun!!

Good luck to you, my fellow writers.  I hope your efforts are easier that mine were.  Haha!


  1. I also need a good dose of peppy Irish music myself ;)

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