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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Writer's Block, What's Up With That?

We've all heard about it, that dreaded condition that affects even the best of writers: the evil and terrifying writer's block.  I for one don't believe in it.

I just don't see the point in frightening a writer by stating that their creativity is "blocked" just because they haven't written for a while.  Every writer has gone through dry patches where nothing seems to be transferred from brain to paper, but I take this for more of a break, not a block.

To craft any story, a certain amount of percolation must occur and anyone who's tried percolated coffee as opposed to the auto drip variety knows that a little extra time amounts to a much more robust brew.

I have a dear friend in my writer's group who is also a working mother.  We laugh together about how we seem to take turns writing.  It seems that when she is hot on a new idea, I'm dry, and vice versa.  But we both get so excited about the other's writing that it seems that we are writing ourselves.  My other friend in our group takes a different approach.  She reads stories she loves, and writes short stories, fan fiction or funny commercials when a new story or new characters are being stubborn about showing themselves.

So don't fret, dear writing friends, when you find yourself not writing for a bit.  Stress and deadlines can make our creativity take a nosedive.  And sometimes other aspects of our lives need our attention more at the moment.  So just relax and let that new idea brew.  Go for a day trip and see new places.  Also you could think about finding a few writer friends to share your life and creativity with.  Whatever you do, don't worry about the term "writer's block," because you are a writer, and no silly trumped up term can change that.

Have fun!


  1. I agree. There's no real thing called writer's block. It's only a good way to make writercondriacs out of people. And writing groups are good! You have no idea how productive it is to sit around drinking coffee all afternoon! =D