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Monday, November 21, 2011

Sarahs Journal November 26, 1910

         I don’t know why I need to write about this, for I’m certain sure that I’ll never in my life forget it.  My jaw still drops when I think of the sight my eyes beheld today on the deck of the steamer:  Professor Ross in his shirtsleeves AND NO TIE!!  For three long years I’ve never seen the man in anything but a tidy suit. Even on field study he wore a dressy, many-pocketed coat, but not today.  What a handsome figure he cut.  The girls back home would have fainted dead away, especially because his hair too was soft and free.  It wasn’t slicked back as usual.  AND IT’S WAVY!  With curls on his forehead.  I almost fainted myself.  I at the very least stared for longer than was proper.  My, but he looked younger.  If I didn’t know he was ten years my senior, I would have thought him twenty-five, but for his eyes.  They may be brown and kind, but they’ve seen many things: grand and evil.  I can tell.  And if I ever found it difficult to focus before, well, the difficulty has magnified a hundred fold.

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  1. I must be around Highwaymen too much if this is not "shocking" to me ;) Take my advice and watch the other girls closely. They will be likely to try and make a move soon!

    ~Sylvia D.